MATA Investments

Private Debt

Access to finance is often one of the main hurdles for entrepreneurs and companies to grow their businesses. Banks have traditionally focused their lending on only a handful of large firms. It is often difficult for smaller companies to secure loans from traditional financing due to inadequate assets or not having enough collateral.

Even when bank debt is available, it is often restricted and short in duration where it does not provide the ideal timeframe for small and medium size companies to grow and achieve their milestones. Private equity is one viable option to bridge this gap, however business owners are sometimes hesitant to go this route due to the reluctance of taking equity dilution.

In Mata, we provide alternative to traditional financing with faster decision-making process and more flexible structuring breadth. We offer customized financing solutions and lend to companies that often make use of our support to finance business growth or to provide working capital.
Direct Lending
We provide senior loans to public and private companies without an intermediary.

Venture Debt
We provide debt to early stage companies and startups that have secured series A funding and do not have adequate cash flows or sizeable assets as collateral to secure traditional financing. In the past, our financing was primarily used by companies to achieve the next milestone while at the same preventing further dilution of the equity stake.

Real Estate Debt
Flexible lending structure to real estate developer to finance their acquisitions or to provide working capital to start a project.