At Mata Investments, we are actively engaged in identifying and capitalizing on real estate opportunities that yield significant value for both us and our partners. We specialize in providing the necessary capital and funding to jumpstart projects, as well as land acquisition, offering flexible arrangements as either partners or lenders.

Our current focus lies in ground-up development projects, where we collaborate with the country’s leading developers. We favor starting from the ground up, as it grants us unparalleled flexibility to design and develop projects that are optimally aligned with current market conditions to maximizes returns.

We also provide capital/funding for our partners to start their projects to get the wheels moving. We are flexible where we can come in as partners or lenders. Some examples of our investments in the real estate sector:


Residential/ Township DEVELOPMENT

Our developments span across Indonesia, encompassing a diverse range from 2,000 to 30,000 units. These projects vary in scale, starting from compact developments of 25 hectares to expansive township-scale endeavors. Strategically, we focus on positioning these assets in proximity to major public transport hubs, facilitating convenient access to key business areas. Typically, we maintain a substantial or majority stake in these projects.



Our portfolio includes premium properties located in prime areas, encompassing bustling city centers, scenic seafronts, and key tourism zones. These strategic locations are carefully selected to maximize value and appeal.



Our strategy is geared towards investing in the Central Business Districts (CBDs) of developing countries, areas characterized by a limited supply yet exhibiting signs of robust growth. We focus on tier-1 cities in these regions, aiming to capitalize on their substantial growth trajectories and developmental potential.

Our past track record includes participations in various consortiums that developed 50+ story Grade A buildings in the Jakarta CBD.



During times of crisis, such as the global financial crisis or the Covid-19 pandemic, we adopt a proactive approach in our investment strategy. We actively seek opportunities to acquire value-added assets, particularly focusing on attractively priced properties within the hospitality industry.