At Mata, our foundational principle is a deep commitment to our partners, with whom we strive to forge enduring relationships based on trust and integrity.

Our approach to investment is characterized by its adaptability; where we diverge from the typical limited-term fund model, offering investment structures that are flexibly designed to meet the unique needs of each opportunity. We engage actively with our partners to help them realize their full potential, focusing on driving growth and ensuring sustainable performance over time. Additionally, we leverage our network to provide valuable connections for our portfolio companies, opening doors to new opportunities and growth.

"We believe in digging deeper, finding the core strengths that propel businesses towards unprecedented growth"

Primarily, we look to acquire substantial or majority stake in established lower middle market companies, ones with proven track records and strong growth potentials. We target businesses with annual revenues ranging from US10 million to US$70 million. Key considerations in our selection process include the strength of the balance sheet, the quality of the management team, corporate governance standards, and the social impact of the business.

An illustration of our investment success is our partnership with BSA Land, which has transformed the company into the largest property developer in Indonesia with a focus on the middle-class sector. Driven by a strong impact-based strategy, our collaboration plays a pivotal role in reducing the 9 million housing backlog in Indonesia. Furthermore, our close collaboration resulted in robust operational capabilities and strong market acumen, propelling the company to new heights, which had led to successful completion of 30 projects and the construction of nearly 20,000 units.


$10M-$70M Revenue

30-100%+ Growth

Bootstrapped or Lightly Capitalized

Non-Family Business