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At Mata Investments, our impact strategy is deeply rooted in the principle of responsible investing, aiming to generate not only financial returns but also positive social and environmental impacts. We incorporate specific frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and IRIS+ to guide our decision-making processes. By aligning our investments with relevant SDGs, we ensure they contribute to global sustainability targets. Concurrently, we employ IRIS+ metrics for consistent monitoring and evaluation of the social and environmental performance of our portfolio companies.

A pivotal moment in our impact journey was the decision to exit from the coal industry. As a major shareholder in one of Asia's largest coking coal mines, we recognized the need to realign our investments with more sustainable and environmentally friendly industries. This move signified our commitment to responsible investing and the importance we place on environmental stewardship.

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By investing in and shifting BSA Land's focus, we have been able to contribute directly to providing housing solutions for first-time homebuyers, including young families, newlyweds, and young professionals. This strategic redirection not only supports the reduction of the housing shortfall but also aligns perfectly with UNSDG 11, promoting sustainable, inclusive urban growth and offering a tangible example of how our investment decisions are intertwined with our dedication to fostering lasting, positive change in the communities we serve.
Below is an example of our partnership with BSA Land, where UNSDG 11 stands at the core of our strategy.




Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


Safe and Affordable Housing

23% of the people of Jakarta live in slums. We build high quality and sustainable residential development on the outskirts of Jakarta that are strategically located to main transport hubs, providing easy and efficient way to reach the city center.

target 11-1


Affordable and Sustainable Transport System

All our developments over the past five years are situated within 2 km of major transport hubs, with a specific emphasis on leveraging the rail system for enhanced connectivity.

target 11-2


Reduce the Adverse Effects
of Natural Disasters

Our integrated water and sewage management system significantly reduces the impact of flooding. Additionally, our strict construction guidelines ensure that our homes are highly resilient to earthquakes

target 11-5


Reduce the Environmental Impact of Cities

Reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality, improving municipal and other waste management systems.

target 11-6